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NAKIVO Backup & Replication v10.6: A new NAS Backup Solution and More Anti-Ransomware Capabilities

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We are excited to announce the general availability of NAKIVO Backup & Replication v10.6 along with the launch of NAS Backup for protecting file share data.

The new NAS Backup from NAKIVO allows you to protect data stored on file shares on NAS devices, Windows servers, and Linux servers. Back up entire file shares or specific folders within your file shares with the NFS v3, SMB v2 or SMB v3 protocols. Recover folders and individual files from a file share backup to a custom location.

Backup from HPE Nimble Storage snapshots improves VM backup performance by eliminating the need for frequent VM snapshots that can heavily overload the production environment. Create backups of VMware vSphere VMs directly from HPE Nimble Storage snapshots instead of regular VM snapshots to reduce the strain on your production environment.

Microsoft 365 Groups backup expands the coverage of Microsoft 365 data protection to include Microsoft 365 Groups. The feature allows you to back up and restore Microsoft 365 group mailboxes and group sites. Recover group mailbox items like emails, files, and OneNote folders in addition to group site items like document libraries, lists, and subsites in just a few clicks.

Hardened AMI is the latest addition to the anti-ransomware toolset of NAKIVO Backup & Replication. Deploy the solution as an AMI (Amazon Machine Image) running Ubuntu Server and enable immutability for recovery points sent to the local repository deployed as part of the AMI. The data remains immutable for a period of your choice, during which it’s immune to modification, deletion, and encryption by ransomware.

External Database support improves solution stability by allowing you to use an external database for NAKIVO Backup & Replication instead of the built-in H2 database. In this way, you can avoid database corruption that might occur in large environments. You can create a new external database or use an existing one to increase reliability and prevent potential resource bottlenecks.

Try NAKIVO NAS Backup and all of the new features in NAKIVO Backup & Replication v10.6 for free today! Download the Free Trial and improve your environment’s resilience to data loss.



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