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  2. Confirmed this is working now and ticket can be closed. Awesome! Thanks for the help here.
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  4. ..and I see this message on the ESXI "Failed - The attempted operation cannot be performed in the current state (Powered off)" Wel, of course the machine is powered off.
  5. Hi, a) can anyone help in some desaster recovery situation restoring to ESXi 7.0U3 (via 10.5). We get this error message: "VM cannot be processed. ... Reason: RecoveryBackupDataCopy: Empty VM config (ActionException)." But on the ESXI, the vmx files and vmdk disk files are created, but no data transfer happens.. b) As the data is on the backup repositroy, does anyone know a method how to copy-out "just latest" from the repository? We would then copy the disk manually to the ESXi. Kinda of a typical desaster here and restore not working. Thanks.
  6. Hi If I back up my VMs (VMware) using Forever Incrementals, would I be able to do a full a full recovery of the entire server? I am thinking in the event of an OS failure etc. Kind Regards Harris
  7. Of course, shortly after my post, I received the Nakivo announcement of 10.5! Matthew
  8. @mdovey Matthew, Your concerns are more than reasonable. As for your questions: i) Will Nakivo have to go through this approval process every time there is an update to the software? As far as we know, yes, it is. But the approval process is from the Synology side. NAKIVO just applies and waits for their approval. And we hope the next release will be faster. ii) Part of the trouble-shooting process often involves installing pre-release, beta or bespoke builds of the software. I can't see how this would work if there isn't a means for Synology to use external installers. NAKIVO always releases the Beta version for testing/demo before the GA version.If you have no environment to use the Beta (for example, on Synology DSM7), you can deploy NAKIVO Backup & Replication as VA in the VMWare for testing. At the moment, we are trying to figure how to adjust this new requirement from Synology. We are constantly releasing new versions to offer the most to our customers. However, now, we are aiming to find ways of accelerating the approval process on Synology side. I understand your frustration. And I honestly hope to inform you soon about an alternative solution to this compatibility issue.
  9. @MYG63 Hi Martin, No worries, I am here to resolve your doubts. Please refer to the following articles for more details. https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/User-Guide/Content/Deployment/System-Requirements/Supported-Platforms.htm#Physical NAKIVO Backup & Replication provides data protection for these versions of Ubuntu Server: Ubuntu v16.04-20.04 (x64) Ubuntu 18.04 (Desktop) LTS, 64-bit Ubuntu 20.04 (Desktop) LTS, 64-bit https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/User-Guide/Content/Deployment/System-Requirements/Deployment-Requirements.htm#Operatin NAKIVO Backup & Replication can be deployed on: Ubuntu 20.04 Server (x64) Ubuntu 18.04 Server (x64) Ubuntu 16.04 Server (x64) Let me know if you have any other questions
  10. @Daren F, You can generate a custom license with manually excluded or included features. Please get in touch with our Sales Team (sales@nakivo.com) for more details on licensing. If I can help you with anything else, don't hesitate to contact me.
  11. Thanks. This does raise some general concerns: i) Will Nakivo have to go through this approval process every time there is an update to the software? Unless Synology streamlines its approval process, at the current rate this would mean that the Synology version is about three months behind the released version. This may not be an issue with feature release upgrade (others may have different views) but could be problematic with bug fix or security updates; particularly given that vCenter updates quit typically break things requiring an updated Nakivo. ii) When I've had to approach Nakivo support, I've found them extremely responsive. Part of the trouble-shooting process often involves installing pre-release, beta or bespoke builds of the software. I can't see how this would work if there isn't a means for Synology to use external installers. I hope these issues can be resolved soon - to be honest, this is questioning my decision to go with Synology rather than Nakivo. When I need to update\replace my NAS, I'll certainly be looking at what other options there are. Matthew
  12. Yes I understand only a single licence file but can that licence file contain a mix of versions?
  13. Hello, please excuse me if I didn't find the solution and ask a question again. As I can read here: https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/User-Guide/Content/Deployment/System-Requirements/Supported-Platforms.htm Nakivo only supports Ubuntu Server 16.04 and not the 18.04 or 20.04 or 21.10 Are there plans to support one of these versions 20.04 onwards? The 16.04 is really old. As I know it works under 20.xx and onwards but like to know which - as a minimum the LTS versions - are or will be supported. Thank you in advance. Martin
  14. Hi, @Daren F! NAKIVO licenses cannot be mixed. Only one license file can be applied to NAKIVO installation. If you need to change something in the license, you may contact the NAKIVO Sales Team to discuss the option to dismiss an old license and generate a new one instead of it. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
  15. @mdovey Hi, Matthew! You are right. Now, we are working along with Synology to have our latest build version into DSM7 Package Center. At this point, Synology doesn't have the opportunity to install apps from external installers. Please ensure that we are putting all our effort into having version 10.4.1 on DM7 approved soon, but there is no ETA yet. But still, DSM 7 transporter is available after enabling system.transporter.allow.old from the expert settings: https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/User-Guide/Content/Settings/Expert-Mode.htm
  16. Hello Does anybody know if I can mix levels of licence? I have 3 x Basic already, can I add an Essentials Pro? Thank you Daren
  17. It looks like the version of Nakivo which works on DSM 7.0 is 10.4.0, however, the version of Nakivo which works with the latest vCentre is 10.4.1 but this later version isn't supported on DSM 7.0. Matthew
  18. Hi, @Vitor Tapadas! It shouldn't be an issue as v7.0.3 is supported. Could you please send us the Support Bundle with ticket id #116596? Also, please clarify if your ESXi host is a free version or not. Here you can check how to generate a Support Bundle https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/User-Guide/Content/Settings/Support-Bundles.htm Let me know if you have any additional questions.
  19. Hi! Nakivo working again in DSM7....but the version is not compatible with vcenter 7.0.3...when will be released package compatible with both products?
  20. Hello, I just open my Synology running DSM7 On the installed paquet the Nakivo tell me to do an update to solve the issue And Nakivo is working again after upgrade ! (version Michel
  21. Hi, @hans! ESXi7.0.3 is compatible now. If you have some issues with that, please generate a Support Bundle, and our engineers will assist you. Here is how to do that https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/User-Guide/Content/Settings/Support-Bundles.htm
  22. I've got Nakivo 10.4 running on my first box here. Glad to see Synology DSM7 now runs recent versions of Nakivo. If you re-installed 10.4.1 on another platform, like I did, you cannot transfer your configuration back to the Synology box at this point of time as versions do not match. The other issue you have to deal with is the missing compatibility for ESXi7.0.3 within Nakivo 10.4.0. I upgraded to the latest ESXi release just last weekend, after making positive experiences in my lab environment during the last weeks. So you better wait some time before moving back to Synology DSM with your backup solution
  23. So only the package center version should be used then? Just want to clarify before I roll out DSM 7 to my other NAS units.
  24. I found Nakivo 10.4.0 is in the Synology package center and I'm installing it now.
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