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  1. I see "out of Disk Space on Drive C” error message on my Virtual Machine. Please, help
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  3. Hi, Michael, just as with physical servers, virtual machines (VM) require a large storage capacity to function properly. If your VM starts running low on disk space, the solution is to increase your computer’s storage capacity, which can be done by adding another internal or external hard drive. However, Hyper-V has made this process even easier and faster. To increase your storage capacity, you can increase disk size in Hyper-V in just a few clicks. In a nutshell, to successfully expand a Hyper-V virtual hard disk, you should do the following: Expand the virtual hard disk using the Edit Virtual Hard Disk Wizard Extend the volume size through launching the Disk Management utility inside the VM To learn more details, please, read our blog post: https://www.nakivo.com/blog/increase-disk-size-hyper-v-complete-guide Thank you for your question and have a great day!
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