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  1. I use Nakivo in a multi tenant configuration (MSP) for Office 365 backups only. I use onboard transporter of the director VA ( 4vCPU and 16GB ram ) for all tenants. Each tenant has a SaaS repository configured on an NFS backed VMDK. The backups run overnight and work fine. I noticed however that even when backups are not running, there is a transporter process that appears to do some housekeeping on the repo. Each thread that does this housekeeping generates ~3000 iops over nfs and more than one thread can run concurrently. As a result, My storage has a load of 3,000-25,000 iops (peaking at ~260MB/sec) continuously, 24/7. No space or inodes appear to be freed. I've only got 8 SaaS repos at the moment. What happens when I have 80? What is this background process doing that requires this much IO? Is there some way I can tell if it is actually accomplishing anything? Is there a way to limit it to running out of hours? -Mark
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