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  1. Hi, 1. ran correctly 2. boot run in errors, second hdd is not mounted, fdisk dont show me second hdd. in vm settings is no second hdd, only first hdd. 3. no second HDD by recovery. I sent Support request.
  2. Hi, i got a Backup of my Cloud VM. May you tell me, how and why the Size is so small? I think the backup is not complete. In other Backups i have similar VMs with the same System (Linux Univention Corporate). Infos: Free ESXi Second HDD is independent permanently (sdb1) VM size: 3.65 TB /dev/sda: 50 GiB /dev/sdb: 3,6 TiB In Use: udev 10M 0% /dev tmpfs 792M 2% /run /dev/mapper/vg_ucs-root 44G 28% / tmpfs 2,0G 1% /dev/shm tmpfs
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