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  1. Hello, In current version 10.3 is feature called "direct connect", which doesn't need VPN, but just for VMWare. Direct connect for physical servers will be available in 10.6. There is no official release date of it. It's been said during today's webinar. So we're still looking forward. Regards, Jaroslav
  2. Hello, thank you for good new. As 10.2 came few hours ago, I'm expecting next release 10.3 with "no VPN feature" in about 6 months? Kind regards, Jaroslav
  3. I can't edit previous post, so here is explanation for my post above. We're MSP with many customers. Our typical customer is SMB with few servers, physical or virtual. We need to deploy "agent" on customer's server and manage it via Nakivo multi-tenancy console. - Port forward is not solution, some customers has mote servere on single site. - VPN is not solution, we cannot create VPN for every single customer. Is some agent on your roadmap? It's a blocker in our case. Many thanks in advance. Kind regards, Jaroslav
  4. Hi, unfortunately we have the same problem as Nicojmb. Port forward nor VPN to customer is not a solution. Is some agent on your roadmap? It's a blocker in our case. Kind regards, Jaroslav
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