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  1. I've got the following link from support: https://maglar.box.com/shared/static/ebzm01v0080ibtvdh2ubc11s7ops58wa.sh This is a newer build, and it should fix the problems. Since I was able to fix the problems with reinstall, I won't upgrade. But maybe some else can minimize his trouble. Mario
  2. Hi Boris Thank you for this trick I did a reinstall of all the needet stuff, it took the complete day but now it's working again. (Multi tenant setup)
  3. Well, something is strange. At version 12.2 all system are working correct, now after the update of today i get the follwoing error: Certificate of this transporter has expired on 27 Dec 2020 at 16:31 (UTC +01:00). Replace the certificate to continue using this transporter Why was a certificate workting till today, when it expired 6 month ago? @Official Moderator can you share the information on the forum so that everyone can benefit?
  4. I'm doing the update right now. I have the same error and requested support for this. Conclusion: if you can wait with the upgrade, then wait....
  5. @Mark Please keep the forum updated, if you have any news. reclaim is one of the biggest pain in my point of view at the current status of nakivo.
  6. Hi Jason I'm still on 10.2, so I can't help with your issue... Did you get solution from support? I also use Synology and like to know if it's a showstopper. Thanks Mario
  7. Hi Andrea I don't know if it works with an ARM, since I don' user Qnap. Acording to the releasenotes of 10.3 you have a loss of functions if you are not using intel CPU But don't worry Just crate a SMB/CIFS Share on the Qnap and use this way: https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/NH/Backup+Repository+on+CIFS+Share Hope this helps Mario
  8. It's a bug and it will be fixed in an upcomming release.
  9. Hi Moderator Just created a ticket a few minutes befor. For the logs, my ticket ID is:#74827
  10. Hello I'm on the way to migrate to "Tenant Resource Allocation". Now my 3 repos are offline and I can only remove it. I don't have the option to attach agan? How can I resolve this sitation? Thanks Mario
  11. Hi Nakivo Since I had a maintenance window at the backupsystem today, I was just doing the update. Update is done and all systems are working. Well done I'm running multi-tenant and I like the the changes about "tenant allocation"! Just some question: I can use the new settings only for new tenants? Any way to migrate an existing tenant? What is "Maintenance scheduling", as seen in changelog Thanks Mario
  12. Hi Nakivo Is it possible to add MFA option for the Webinterface. I have some customers, where MFA is required for the backup. Thanks Mario
  13. Just another question about v10: In the blog was a description of the File System Indexing (https://www.nakivo.com/blog/nakivo-backup-replication-v10-beta-released/) Is this in the final of v10? Mario
  14. Thank you for the information. In the releasenote of v10 I found: Critical Issue of NAKIVO Backup & Replication v9.4 The issue with the Skip unused blocks feature that in rare cases could potentially skip data blocks beyond unused space has been fixed in the current version. Users of NAKIVO Backup & Replication v9.3 and earlier versions are not affected by this issue. If you are using NAKIVO Backup & Replication v9.4, make sure you do the following: Update NAKIVO Backup & Replication to v9.4.2 or v10.0. Re-run your jobs. Note that jobs with the enabled
  15. @Leezyany result from support for this topic? I had this problem once, but it was a false positive from defender at the nakivo repo. bye Mario
  16. Hi on a ESXi server I had troubles with the snapshot of one VM (also when I do snapshots from the Vmware interfac, so not an Nakivo issue) Since I don't have the possibility to take the server offline, I removed the VM from the backup Job but I left the data on the repository. Then I added the VM directly as "physical server" to my inventory and created a new backup jop to the same repo. Bevor I started the new Job, I had 1.03 TB free space, the VM has a disk size of 200 GB and about 150 GB used. After the new Backup I had 900 GB of free space (100 GB used by new backup). Acc
  17. Yes, I do the full install (mostly transporter only since I have a multi-tenatn setup) and attacht the Storage from the nas as "Remote CIFS share".
  18. Hi Simon I agree with official Moderator, it also depends on the CPU power of the included devices. Are you sending from a Server or Nas to a Server or Nas? At the beginnign I was using the Transporter on the Synology Nas, but this was a bottleneck. Now I use whenever the HpyerV/ESX as Transporter and att the storage over SMB. This has increased the processing speed. Mario
  19. Hi I don't like or understand the way Nakivo is rating some errors. As example, when I have setup the self-healing /reclaim job at the reopo and set the option: "Stop backup and recovery to run space reclaim " Why I get an "alarm" if the backup job can't be run during this time? I've done the decision to priorize reclaiming, so this is only a notification. Also if a periodic job has an error but at next runtime all is OK, this is only a notification. Does anyone agree with me?
  20. I'm at deployment right now. (Since it's multi-tenatn this is a lot of work). Until now all is OK. One strange thing I've discovered at remote replication: The uplad speed is looks strange at V9.1 At V9.0 it was this way... But I need to check later Mario
  21. @Official Moderator:Do you have a release date for 9.1 I agree with Steve, that's not cool to get an update but no changelog. Thanks Mario
  22. Hi Marco I can confirm the very low speed of replication with new versions. I had a long running supportcase with no real sucess. I've got a new release (, now Hyper-V is working as expected. But at Vmware the speed is still extreme low. From support stuff, I also only get the "bottlneck" link, but this dosn't help at all! Did you had any sucess? Thanks for your feedbak Mario
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