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  1. Hi

    I'm doing some automation on my setup and like to batch generate some reports.

    But I can't set the name of the output pdf, so if I run two command wihtin the same minute, they get overwritten

    (cause the name contains only the hour and minute): job_report_Tue, 29 Nov at 13_20 (UTC +01_00).pdf

    Can you add an argument to define the filename of the job?


    cli.bat --tenant 42 -jp 12 -output myreport.pdf



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  2. Hi

    I have once every few days, the following error:


    The "NAS Lokal" backup repository is inaccessible
    Username and/or password for the "NAS Lokal" backup repository location is incorrect. Provide correct username and password.

    I see this only by Synology NAS, attached ober SMB. Of course it isn't a username / password problem, this is setup onced and then never changed.

    When I got to the repo and press "Refresh", the repo comes back online.

    I don't know if the problem its at Synology side or at Nakivo.. Does anyone knwo this problem?



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  3. The only thing to check is the compression level and deduplication on the repo, cause this can also have a big impact.

    Is it the same for both QNAP?

    And try to check "top" during the backup


    Mod always points to the KB "find the bottleneck", no matter what how you anlayze your setup 🙃

  4. Hi Manuel

    Please check the CPU Load on the QNAP during the backup.

    For every backup job you have a bhsvc task running. Maybe the task hit 100% load on a single core (if you have a 4 core CPU in the nas, a task will generate a load of 25%).

    If this is the bottleneck, you can try to access the repo on the QNAP over SMB/NFS/ISCSI from a transporter on the ESX Server.

    I hope this helps.



  5. Hi @Moderator

    I don't want to encrypt the partition, I like to setup the encryption for folders as written in the helpcenter:


    • The ecryptfs package provides encryption of folders


    When you create a Backup Repository on a Ubuntu machine, you can enable encryption for that Backup Repository. The cryptsetup approach will be used for devices and partitions. The file system of the encrypted device/partition will be transformed to ext4.  At the same time, the ecryptfs approach will be used for encrypting folders.



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  6. Hi

    I'm setting up an new Ubuntu Server 20.04 as repo to test the "Immutable Repository" feature.
    I can create repos on this system without encryption, but I'm not able create encrypted repos.

    The error:

    repo-test: Cannot create the backup repository
    An unknown error has occurred during "repo-test" backup repository processing.
    I installed the following additional packages:

    How can I get encryption working?



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  7. Hi

    I did the update to 10.4 and had again some troubles with Cert and Passwords on Windows / Hpyer-V Hosts.
    After some tests I found the following way to get it running.

    Bevor you start the Update:

    Create a copy of your current Nakivo Directory on C:\Program Files\NAKIVO Backup & Replication

    Do the update, if it's working - be happy 😆

    If not:

    stop the nakvio service

    copy certificate.pem and bhsvc.id from the backup directory to your current directory.

    start the service

    Refresh the transporter, now it should work






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  8. Great to get 2FA for the Login 👌

    Just found the option

    Store backups in separate files: Select this option to enable this backup repository to store data of every machine in separate backup files. Enabling this option is highly recommended to ensure higher reliability and performance.

    Why this is more reliable? Does this have an effect on the global dedup?

    And can I convert the curent backup to this option?

    From my point of view, the Repos are the current bottleneck of Nakivo.
    if there is an improvement with this, it is very welcome!


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  9. Well, something is strange. At version 12.2 all system are working correct, now after the update of today i get the follwoing error:

    Certificate of this transporter has expired on 27 Dec 2020 at 16:31 (UTC +01:00). Replace the certificate to continue using this transporter

    Why was a certificate workting till today, when it expired 6 month ago?

    @Official Moderator can you share the information on the forum so that everyone can benefit?

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  10. Hi Andrea

    I don't know if it works with an ARM, since I don' user Qnap.
    Acording to the releasenotes of 10.3 you have a loss of functions if you are not using intel CPU

    • Onboard Transporters installed on NAS devices with ARM CPU do not support VMware infrastructures

    But don't worry 😀

    Just crate a SMB/CIFS Share on the Qnap and use this way:

    Hope this helps

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