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  1. Anyone else have problems with Grand-Father-Son (GFS) retention scheme not working as expected? Daily backups work correctly and the retention is correct, but instead of getting weekly and Monthly backups, all my Full backups are set to yearly week after week at both my sites where I have tape libraries. (They expire 11 years from now) I opened a ticket, but they were not able to tell me anything and claimed that everything was working fine. At the time I was not doing daily backups, so I turned that on and they work, but they didn't affect my problem with yearly backups, so for now I'm turning it off to see what happens with just weekly and monthly backups. These are my settings: Retain one recovery point per day for 7 days Retain one recovery point per week for 4 weeks Retain one recovery point per month for 12 months Retain one recovery point per year for 11 years Tape Job Options: Create Full Backup: Every Saturday Tape appending: Start full backup with an empty tape** **I found that now that daily backups are turned on, Nakivo will start writing daily backups to my Full Backup tape before I get a chance to eject it. This is not desirable, but there is no options to segregate GFS tapes. Setting this to "Always start with an empty tape" would burn a tape each day, also not desirable, but I may have no choice. I would like to append all daily backups to the same tape and keep it in the library and only offsite my weekend full backups.
  2. The QNAP website seems to imply that they can support running these all at the same time. They say "you can simultaneously run backups, replications and recovery instead of running the jobs separately". So are they incorrect? NAKIVO on NAS | VM backup for VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and AWS EC2 | QNAP Here is the Quote on their website: 1.9x Backup Efficiency When deploying NAKIVO on QNAP NAS, you can simultaneously run backups, replications and recovery instead of running the jobs separately. With NAKIVO’s capability to reduce network traffic for up to 50%, LAN-free data transfer, and its incremental backup to only back up changed data, you can greatly benefit from a 1.9x backup speed boost.
  3. I noticed that on Windows server, I can only run one job at a time. When I backup to tape or Wasabi, I cannot run my scheduled backups. QNAP says that Nakivo does not have this limitation when running on a Intel or AMD based QNAP NAS. I assume that on QNAP the Backup Copy jobs are running from a snapshot freeing the primary backup to be used at the same time? What other repositories allow replication or backup copy jobs while source backups are running? Synology? FreeNAS? Linux? - Ed Hammond
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