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  1. May I ask why 10.4 was released without certification from Synology? Seems like that would be something done before letting us upgrade. I don't have the ability for a work around suggested in this thread and am considering moving to a different back up system (a lot of work) as I do not have off site backup for one of my site....
  2. Yes this needs to be fixed ASAP. I have tons of apps on the Synology units I manage and they all seem to work with DSM 7. It is not easily possible to go back down to 6. I have tried some reddit suggestions without success. Please get Synology to FIX this! Thanks
  3. It was added in 10.4 unfortunately it is license level dependent. 2FA should be across all levels of licensing and find it a bit off-putting I had to upgrade one of my site to Enterprise licensing form Pro to get this basic security option. I have another site that is at Pro that runs a larger backup farm and pricing is quite expensive so for now I refuse to spend that budget money. Disappointed.
  4. HI. Thanks for the advice but I use the target NAS as a repository target with specific protocols open. I do not really want CIFS/NFS setup. It works very well before updating the target NAS to DSM 7. I suppose my only choice is to wait it out. There is too much data on the NAS to try and get it back to 6.2
  5. Hi. I updated one of my offsite NAS units to DSM 7 and found out through support that 10.4 does not support it. Now I am left iwth having to do a physical initial seed on a DSM 6 unit or wait for certification on DSM7. They are hoping it will be done this month! Is there anywhere I can find out compatibility matrix with Synology and Nakivo? Very Frustrating.
  6. Hi Mario, My suggestion is to hold off if you have a set up like mine. Onsite Nakivo - Synology NAS Connects through a Site-to-Site VPN over WAN to Offsite Nakvio - Synology NAS I use Backup Copy jobs for my offsite transfers and can no longer use that system due to the transporter connection being blocked. Entering my 2nd week as you can see from the post above.
  7. Hi. The problem is not with the certificates anymore. The offsite transporter and repository are not accessible from the On Site Synology NAS install. The connection to "X.X.X.X:9446" was refused. Make sure the provided information is correct and the connection is not blocked. I have setup a Telnet session and can successfully connect to that IP form my onsite network using port 9446 I have a ticket open but they have told me it is off to development to work on the issue. I currently have no offsite backups and entering my 2nd week.
  8. Hi. have been using Nakivo for over 5 years. Has anyone else had issues with the 10.3 update on Synology NAS units? First after upgrading the certificates for the transporters would not work and I had to rename them. Now my offisite transporter on my offsite NAS units will not accept connections on 9446. i am stuck with no off site backups. yes I have a ticket open but looking for feedback form the community. I do not want to go all weekend without offsite backups
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