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  1. Hello, as the space on /root is not enough - and also you should NOT use /root for such downloads - I decided to cd into /volume1/share/temp [you will have to replace the share with a shared directory on your nas and create temp there] After that I could curl inside that directory and update nakivo to 10.7.2 with the updater.sh In that way it worked for me. Kind regards and happy new year @all Martin kamaste.it GmbH
  2. Hello, please excuse me if I didn't find the solution and ask a question again. As I can read here: https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/User-Guide/Content/Deployment/System-Requirements/Supported-Platforms.htm Nakivo only supports Ubuntu Server 16.04 and not the 18.04 or 20.04 or 21.10 Are there plans to support one of these versions 20.04 onwards? The 16.04 is really old. As I know it works under 20.xx and onwards but like to know which - as a minimum the LTS versions - are or will be supported. Thank you in advance. Martin
  3. Cool Idea! Why temporary? I like docker and to be independent of OS restrictions. Thank you. I'll give it a try
  4. I think the new fetaure of immutable backups was more important to them. I like that feature also. It is great. We are using that in 2 installations. Great job It is a question of how long it will need to implement that DSM 7.x "feature". You should not install 7.0. Wait for 7.1. "New" does not automatically means "good and stable". Ask yourself: "do I really need any new feature of DSM 7?". If not - stay at 6.x as this is patched also. BUT... a second thing was the single file restore feature. I asked Nakivo support stuff when it will be supported for Ubuntu Server 20.04 (which is the actual LTS version). There also was an unexpected answer: "we will implement in one of the next versions".... Which means for the moment - I need to install a really old Ubuntu Server 18.04 for only restoring single Nakvio file backups. My customers say "wow, another day of workman to be paid". Most of our Ubuntus are running 20.04 or in development environment - 21.04. So we are waiting there also. Not too pleasant
  5. To all friends of Synology: if you are using Nakivo don't update to DSM7. It is a mess. I was in a online demo for 10.4 and the guy @nakivo told me that they are developing a new version which is comaptible to the new app signing procedure for DSM 7.x I hoped that this was integrated in 10.5 but I can not find any information here. May be I try 10.5 beta. Anyone did that on synology 7? The "Back-Update" from 7 to 6.2 is possible but a lot of work. I was lucky having a new DS1621+ here and tried it before going to customer side.
  6. Hello, I did already sent a support bundle and the problem was solved online by support team. Great work! The problem was that the older installations which were updated from 9.x to 10.1 and then to 10.3 reported an outdated certificate. This was solved by renaming two files like described here in the thread. A newer installation which was updated from 10.1 to 10.3 did not have the problem. So our 3 sides are running well now. Thank you to all these guys here.
  7. Hello there, Is there any way to make it running on a Synology? I have same problem here with 2 Synology's I just updated from 10.1 (running environment over 1/2 year) to 10.3 and there is no more connection to transporter reported. Version shown in packet manager on both sides is Message in transporter info is: The "xxxx-transporter" transporter is inaccessible The connection to "192.168.xxx.xxx:9446" was refused. Make sure the provided information is correct and the connection is not blocked. Please provide way to get rid of that error.
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