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  1. So if I understand this right, you're installing the full Nakivo Windows installation on the Hyper-V server and then backing up to the NAS as a mapped drive?
  2. Hi, When you say the speed of 'read' and 'write' what do you mean? These are Synology units and the local backup to the drives gets about 130 MB/s What is odd is that the speed in the 'speedometer' varies so much. Can you explain what this is showing and whether you'd expect it to fluctuate? Here the speed is down at Zero with the job still running, but a few moments ago it was at 40 MB/s - is that right?
  3. What sort of transfer speed are others getting on backup copy jobs across WAN links? I'm setting up the repositories as FAST compression and Network Acceleration enabled and I'm getting between 3 MB/s and at best 15 MBps. The latter is with the source on a 50/50 leased line and the target on a 200/200 FTTP.
  4. We are still trying to catch up on one site but the others are mostly OK now. One has a corrupted repository and we'll probably just junk it and start again over the weekend. We were originally told it didn't matter if you have mismatched revisions but it seems it does. Now being encouraged to move to 9.2 but that's not going to happen any time soon.
  5. We have a support ticket running for this, ref 113194. From our investigations it looks like upgrading the receiving transporter to 9.1 broke it and then upgrading the sending transporter (from 8.0 and 9.0) may have fixed it - waiting for overnight runs to confirm.
  6. We are taking backups of a Hyper-V server and after the initial backup, the daily backups have settled to a regular pattern of what has changed - at around 25GB per day. But we then have a backup copy job to copy these backups offsite. This works, but the backup copy job shows as increasing in size every day - so it's now 151GB and taking all night. Surely it should only be copying what's changed. The remote site is a Synology NAS running 9.1 as transporter only.
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