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  1. 1. I have Backup Repository on NAS device that is mounted as NFS share. 2. I have Backup Copy Job with retention policy with 3 last recovery points. 3. Itselft on a backup repository you can see that VM have 31 points to restore instead of 3 that is setup. My problem that all my repositories always full up.
  2. Thanks. I usually look in to the report.
  3. I see in report the speed is about 960 Mbit/s. But the data size is 47 Gb and have been restored in 13 min 46 sec. If we calculate then the real speed should be 3.41 Gb / s. How you can explain it? Summary Status: Successful Started: Tue, 28 Sep at 14:06 (UTC +03:00) Finished: Tue, 28 Sep at 14:19 (UTC +03:00) Data & speed: 47.0 GB at 960.46 Mbit/s Duration: 00:13:46
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