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  1. Just tried again to doublecheck Downloaded latest synology package from https://www.nakivo.com/resources/download/update/ Tried manual install. Got strange error. Is the error message wrong, or is 10.4 nakivo package really compatible with DSM 7.0.-400000(update 0) ????
  2. Synology approval aside. We can install .spk packages manually and can register 3rd party software repositories in DSM GUI (no need to use SSH). Does Nakivo have some beta package for DSM7 to download, or in Synology compatible SW repository, that we can test? It would be better than just waiting for 3rd party to act.
  3. Then go to your synology account, open a ticket for your device, complain a lot to synology and ask them to expedite the approval process. I'm doing my part now
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