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  1. I've got Nakivo 10.4 running on my first box here. Glad to see Synology DSM7 now runs recent versions of Nakivo. If you re-installed 10.4.1 on another platform, like I did, you cannot transfer your configuration back to the Synology box at this point of time as versions do not match. The other issue you have to deal with is the missing compatibility for ESXi7.0.3 within Nakivo 10.4.0. I upgraded to the latest ESXi release just last weekend, after making positive experiences in my lab environment during the last weeks. So you better wait some time before moving back to Synology DSM with your backup solution
  2. Hello HankStarr, sorry, maybe I do not understand what you are getting at - do you want to say Nakivo needs to "re-code" bigger chunks of the software to be able to follow Synology security requirements?! If so, we should get clear a message from Nakivo to clarify that the package will no longer be supported under Synology DSM7.x for a while - Everyone of us can decide how to handle such a major drawback for you as Synology user. Can you clarify / elaborate on your thoughts here. Thank you. Thomas
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