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  1. This situation is just a mess, and to be blunt, I don't think we are hearing the honest truth about what is going on, and this is impacting trust with continuing to use these applications. One of the biggest fails, is that Nakivo did not put on their documentation that this is not a supported configuration. The change with DSM 7 was not a surprise, and was known if you do some searching you can see synology was publishing that info, which would presume that they would have provided notices to vendors of 3rd parties of the roadmap and what is changing. With that said, thank you to call out to use docker, to hedge that this crap doesn't happen again, I went the docker route, and although it adds more things for me to admin, at least I won't be put in this situation again. Perhaps Nakivo should look at creating an docker image, and go that route with deploying the packages.
  2. I did try the 10.5 beta, still the same restriction that it will not install on dsm 7.
  3. Is there a place where we can also nudge Synology to get moving along? They put this new requirement in place clearly without a way to avoid interruption from anyone providing solutions on their platform.
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