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  1. What i try to say is: is the installer the correct script or maybe a somehow wrong/broken download. To check you can open the script with vi/nano and see what's inside.
  2. Hello Benjamin Looks like the Nakivo installer isn't the Nakivo installer but some html download. The firstline should be #!/bin/sh and not something with doctype html
  3. Forgot the systemctl replacement 2a - wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gdraheim/docker-systemctl-replacement/master/files/docker/systemctl.py -O /usr/local/bin/systemctl 2b - make it executable: chmod +x /usr/local/bin/systemctl and create a script which starts the required(iscsid, nkv-bhsvc, nkv-dirsvc) services
  4. Quick and dirty: 1 - Create ubuntu(used 18.04) container with volume mounted to old repo folder and network(bridge) using host(synology) network. 2 - Update apt and install nakivo requirements (apt install cifs-utils ntfs-3g open-iscsi) 3 - Install nakivo (install, install again,remove, install ... ) 4 - Check rights on mounted repo folder 5 - Should be running now :-)
  5. Hello to all of you I've managed to install Nakivo 10 in docker on DSM 7 with the use of the existing repository. Tested recovery and backup and it's working fine. It could be a temporary solution. RJ
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