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  1. I miss what information you can get from a support bundle that is not in my post above. If this is some sort of "if you're not a paying customer we don't even consider your suggestion" I think you're doing it very very wrong. And yes, I'm a paying customer.
  2. I have a S3 bucket used as a repo. I see that everyday the backups add new data. I don't know if older files on that bucket are used (some or all, I don't know) each time new ones are added, but if they are not it is possible to creare a rule that moves older files to a different storage tier, for example STANDARD_IA. This is a tier where you pay a lot less more for keeping files that you do not access on a regular basis. In this way you can obtain big savings on the AWS bill. Also using other providers can be useful since it is API compatible with S3 but prices are way lower than AWS. The global aim is to keep offsite backup as cheap as possible, when you start having lots of TB to keep.
  3. Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to change the storage class of S3 repos. For example transitioning to Infrequent access files that are created after one week or something like that. Thank you
  4. Hi, I have two questions that are easily answered with any backup software but I cannot find how to do it with Nakivo: 1. How to backup a remote file share: \\myserver\abc. Every bit of documentation and thread refers on how to put e repository on a SMB share, but I need to backup the content of that share. I cannot install anything on the host of that share, jut need to grab the files using user/password as any backup software does. I have a transporter in the same network as the share. 1.1 If that share is instead on a NAS like Synology where you can actually install the Transporter, how do you use it to backup that share that is local to the transporter? I know those are dumb and easy questions, but seems impossible to do with Nakivo... Thanks
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