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  1. 2 hours ago, Martijn said:

    Yes, that is the whole problem. It should nowadays be for all versions. Please read a few posts back in this topic. A colleague of you said on 5th January 2022:

    The feature request is created. However, there is no ETA for it yet. 

    I will inform you when our team implements it. Thank you for your patience!

    So could you please look up internally where this feature request is and tell us the ETA?

    @Martijn  Thank you for writing on our Forum and contacting NAKIVO support. 2FA is included in Enterprise/ Enterprise Essentials and Enterprise Plus subscriptions. NAKIVO Backup & Replication Pro license doesn't allow 2FA (https://www.nakivo.com/how-to-buy/pricing/ ). We are looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. 2 hours ago, Martijn said:

    @Official Moderator

    Could you check if there is an ETA for the feature? It's 7 months and a few versions later, and would be nice if there is news. Should not be that hard, as it is more a limitation implemented by sales than something technical.

    Hope to hear from you.

    @Martijn, the 2FA feature is already implemented: https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/User-Guide/Content/Settings/General/Users-and-Roles/Enabling-Two-Factor-Authentication.htm?Highlight=2fa

    This feature is in NAKIVO since 10.4: https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/RN/v10.4+Release+Notes


  3. 15 hours ago, Jason said:

    I tried to update to 10.6.1 today and was told I require 7.0.4000 or older. Of course my NAS units are on the latest build. IS this going to be an ongoing issue every time I want to update Nakivo? I reached out to support and they want me to SSH my Synology units and use ssh installers. Please tell me this will not be the procedure going foward.

    Hello, @Jason We appreciate your patience during our investigation.
    NAKIVO provides new versions to Synology to publish on the Synology Package Center when new versions are released. Further delays with publishing NAKIVO software, as well as limitations on manual updates on DSM 7+, are caused on the Synology side.
    We are looking forward to your feedback.
    Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  4. 8 minutes ago, sanches.romero said:

    Sorry for a too general topic, but can you give some advices on how to backup VMware virtual machines. I am a beginner and I need more helpful tips. Thanx

    Hello, @sanches.romero yes, your question is not very specified, so the best suggestion for you is to read this article first: https://www.nakivo.com/blog/vmware-backup-best-practices/ If you have any questions after reading it, or maybe you will need any assistance during the process of configuration, don't hesitate to contact me.

    Here is one more useful link to our HelpCenter: https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/User-Guide/Content/Backup/Creating-VMware-Backup-Jobs/Creating-VMware-Backup-Jobs.htm 


  5. Just now, Tayler Odling said:

    I've just uploaded almost 20GB of very important data on OneDrive. Documents, xlsx, pdfs mostly...

    Now I wonder about OneDrive's security and reliability. What is your point of view? Should I keep one more copy in other place?

    Hello, @Tayler Odling, of course if your data is important for you, keep it in multiple places, I recommend to have at least three copies of it, save it to two different types of media and at least one copy offsite.

    About Microsoft OneDrive, my point of view it is as safe as any other storage, but you should not rely only on one spot, though it provides encryption. 

    Please, find great tips on OneDrive data safety and a list of the common mistakes that can influence your cloud security here: https://www.nakivo.com/blog/microsoft-onedrive-security/ 

    Let me know if you need any additional assistance from me. I look forward to hearing from you, Tayler.

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  6. Just now, Michael.du said:

    I have to recover last 4 months of emails from Deleted folder in Microsoft 365. Any ideas?

    Hello, @Michael.du Check the Deleted Items folder, if you can't find the needed emails in it, please see the Recoverable Items folder, it is hidden.

    If you want to recover emails from Outlook, don't forget to inspect the Trash folder. By the way, we have a great article on this topic, I think, this is what you need right now: https://www.nakivo.com/blog/how-to-recover-deleted-emails-office-365-guide

    Thank you for your post, please, let me know if any further assistance is needed.

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  7. Just now, sanches.romero said:

    I'm looking for channels, posts, files, and tabs backup in Teams (Microsoft 365). Any ideas?

    NAKIVO Backup & Replication v10.7 Beta is here! v10.7 Beta includes Backup to Azure Blob Storage, Microsoft Teams Backup, Wasabi Immutability, Native Microsoft 365 Change Tracking and an Overview Dashboard. Try v10.7 Beta now, and get a $20 Amazon eGift Card: https://www.nakivo.com/resources/releases/10.7-beta/



  8. 3 hours ago, Mateusz said:

    Hello again,

    Any news regarding  when the NAKIVO 10.6 will be available in Synology Package center?

    Another month is passing by 🙂 and even there is beta for 10.7 but we cant still update even  to 10.6 on Synology



    NAIVO 10.6 still not available at the Synology package center, and we are awaiting the approval from Synology team. As a workaround, you can install NAKIVO by using the manual procedure that will work for Director and transporter:

    Please use this article on how to update NAKIVO to v10.6 or higher on Synology with DSM7 via SSH console:

    - Download the newest NAKIVO version 10.6 installation script for Synology NAS, for example, for the x86_x64 platform




    ARM V7:


    ARM V8:


    1. Copy the downloaded file to your Synology, for example, to /Volume1/@Appstore/NBR/Updates via WinSCP or SSH:

    2. Stop NAKIVO services: Package center -- Installed -- NAKIVO -- Action -- Stop

    3. Connect to your Synology via SSH (Putty) using an admin account.

    4. Get root privileges running the following command:

    sudo -i

    enter your admin password when prompted

    5. Run the following commands under the Updates folder to replace the existing NAKIVO with the newest version:

    chmod +x NAKIVO_Backup_Replication_vXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXsh


    6. Start NAKIVO services: Package center -- Installed -- NAKIVO -- Action -- Start

    We are looking forward to hearing from you.

  9. 1 hour ago, Mateusz said:

    Hello again,

    Any news regarding  when the NAKIVO 10.6 will be available in Synology Package center?

    Another month is passing by 🙂 and even there is beta for 10.7 but we cant still update even  to 10.6 on Synology

    Hello @Mateusz The Support Team is already on your request. Please, wait, and soon I will be back with an answer. We appreciate your patience.

  10. NAKIVO Backup & Replication v10.7 Beta is now live for testing with expanded backup-to-cloud, SaaS backup and ransomware protection capabilities. In addition to new security and performance enhancements, the latest release introduces:

    • Backup to Azure Blob Storage
    • Microsoft Teams Support
    • Native Microsoft 365 Change Tracking
    • Wasabi Immutability
    • Overview Dashboard

    Join our Beta Program to try the latest functionality and get a $20 Amazon eGift Card for sharing your feedback!

    WEB-9380 - v 10.7 Beta Social Media posts and graphics_FB_LD_2.jpg

  11. On 7/17/2022 at 11:24 AM, ALOJALIA said:

    Still waiting for

    "Direct connect for physical servers will be available in 10.6"

    10.6 already launched

    @ALOJALIAThank you for your request. Sorry, but we can't tell the specific date, when Direct connect for physical will be supported. We look forward to hearing any feedback from you soon. Thank you for choosing NAKIVO Backup & Replication as your data protection solution.

  12. Exclusive to Attendees

    Get a chance to win an Amazon eGift Card* by correctly answering one of five questions during the webinar.


    Maintaining business continuity in the age of speed takes foresight, careful risk response planning and reliable data protection tools. 

    Register for our free live webinar to learn how to plan for various disasters and recover with minimal downtime and data loss every time. Watch a live demo of NAKIVO Backup & Replication during the webcast and see how the solution helps you meet tight recovery objectives.

    Register and get a free white paper on practical disaster recovery planning principles!

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    What it covers

    • Understanding the role of DR

      • Core concepts and how they overlap

      • The business impact of downtime

      • Common mistakes to avoid

    • 10 must-haves in your DR plan

    • Advantages of having a DR solution

      • DR with NAKIVO Backup & Replication

      • Case study

    • Live technical demo

    • Q&A session

    When to attend

    • EMEA: August 3, 2022, 2-3 PM CEST

    • Americas: August 4, 2022, 2-3 PM EDT


    Special Bonus: All attendees also gain access to the full recording of the webinar Ransomware Protection Essentials: Plan for Successful Recovery.

    *Terms & Conditions apply

  13. 2 hours ago, Nathan31 said:


    I need to deploy Nakivo automatically without user interaction.
    So I use the API to configure my server.
    I use a curl request with "action": "RegistrationManagement" to configure my admin user.
    src : https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/AR/Register+User
    Once created I want to connect with a curl request "action": "AuthenticationManagement".
    src : https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/AR/Login
    And there, the server sends me a username or password error.
    If I don't validate the password via the web interface, I can't use the Login request.
    Can someone help me?



    Thank you for your post. But to investigate issues with NAKIVO, the customer should send us a support bundle https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/User-Guide/Content/Settings/Support-Bundles.htm (with the main database included), and a dedicated ticket will be registered. We cannot help with issue requests on the forum. After receiving the support bundle, we will investigate and fix the issue. I'm very grateful to you for choosing NAKIVO Backup & Replication as your data protection solution.


  14. 4 hours ago, cmarsura said:


    I have some questions about:

    • File share backup does not permits to choose Amazon S3 based repositories: is a function that will be implemented in the future ?
    • File share recovery function offers an option to recover to "Custom location (CIFS/NFS)", however the function produces a zip file containing the recovered files; why not having a function that recover files directly into file system like that offered for virtual machines by  "Granular recover > Individual files > Recover to the following server" function ?
    • Will the File share backup supports in the future the backup of NTFS alternate streams and/or the file owner/security information ?




    @cmarsura I'm very grateful for your post on NAKIVO Forum! Feature request is logged for these features to be implemented in further releases. Thank you for choosing NAKIVO Backup & Replication as your data protection solution.

  15. 17 hours ago, SimonTUOMI said:

    Hi together,

    I have a backup of a VM with 48 GB memory allocated, if I try to recover this VM to a host with less memory I get the message

    "This host has not enough memory for recovered vm(s)".

    Exist a possibility to edit the backup or restoring just the VMware disks from the backup repository.






    Hello SimonTUOMI, sorry, but we need more information. Please send us the support bundle for further investigation of this case (https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/User-Guide/Content/Settings/Support-Bundles.htm).

    Thank you for understanding.

  16. 1 hour ago, SimonTUOMI said:

    Hi together,

    I have a backup of a VM with 48 GB memory allocated, if I try to recover this VM to a host with less memory I get the message

    "This host has not enough memory for recovered vm(s)".

    Exist a possibility to edit the backup or restoring just the VMware disks from the backup repository.






    Hello, @SimonTUOMI I'm very grateful for your post on NAKIVO Forum! Your information was received and forwarded to our Support Team. We will follow up with you shortly. Thank you for choosing NAKIVO Backup & Replication as your data protection solution.
  17. 48 minutes ago, rimbalza said:

    I miss what information you can get from a support bundle that is not in my post above.

    If this is some sort of "if you're not a paying customer we don't even consider your suggestion" I think you're doing it very very wrong. And yes, I'm a paying customer.


    Please, don't worry, I have sent all the posted information to the Technical Support team and it will be forwarded to our Product Development team for possible future implementation.

    But of course, I had to provide the link to send a support bundle as an additional possibility for you and other users of the Forum. This is optional. Thank you for understanding.

  18. 1 hour ago, rimbalza said:

    I have a S3 bucket used as a repo. I see that everyday the backups add new data. I don't know if older files on that bucket are used (some or all, I don't know) each time new ones are added, but if they are not it is possible to creare a rule that moves older files to a different storage tier, for example STANDARD_IA. This is a tier where you pay a lot less more for keeping files that you do not access on a regular basis. In this way you can obtain big savings on the AWS bill. 

    Also using other providers can be useful since it is API compatible with S3 but prices are way lower than AWS.

    The global aim is to keep offsite backup as cheap as possible, when you start having lots of TB to keep.

    @rimbalza The best way would be to generate and send a support bundle ( https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/NH/Support+Bundles ) to support@nakivo.com so our Technical Support team can investigate it and forward your feature request to our Product Development team for possible future implementation.

  19. 4 hours ago, rimbalza said:

    Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to change the storage class of S3 repos. For example transitioning to Infrequent access files that are created after one week or something like that.

    Thank you

    Hello @rimbalza, thank you for your post. Currently, we only support the S3 Standard storage class. However, if you need, please share more details about your idea. We will create a new feature request with your information. We look forward to hearing from you 👍

  20. 3 hours ago, Leezy said:

    @Official Moderator

    will there be an alternative option to drop down select for s3 compatible? so we can key in the s3 compatible object storage address and other information without us having to use only wasabi and AWS as the only option? 


    Thank you for your interest in NAKIVO!
    At this moment, only AWS S3 and Wasabi are supported. 
    We haven’t added this feature into NAKIVO Backup & Replication yet. 
    In fact, we loved the idea so much that we began working on it a short time ago. Please note that we don’t have an ETA from the Development Team behind it yet, but from their last update, I’d say we’re close to launching it.
    General S3 support will be added in further releases.
    Please stay tuned in order not to miss our latest updates! 
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