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  1. i think i have just manage to create a S3FS-Fuse with Tardigrade Decentralize Storage on the NBR VA... and the backup to cloud seems to work too ... i got a whooping 256TB storage space. this is S3 Compatible storage hosted on Tardigrade network...
  2. May I know the release date for physical server restore? It is getting risky with physical server backup. But do not have a way to do full server restore to physical server.
  3. I would like to seek your advise on the following. Is there any reason why the S3 storage option only allow full backup incremental. But not continuous incremental? This way it will remove the dedupe capability.
  4. hi guys, i am trying to search for the mount man options when mounting the share path on the repository. but i cant seems to find the advance mount man options. i would like to force the transporter when using the following share folder to enable write through option. regards, leezy
  5. Hi Team, i am excited for the AWS S3 storage integration which will be coming on V9.4. however, i was thinking if there are anyway we could use compatible S3 instead of AWS. i would like to test it out with S3 Compatible like Mimio or Wasabi Storage if there are options for it. thanks. i am also interested to explore if there are anyway i could change that configuration for AWS S3 on NBR to use other S3 storage. thanks. regards, leezy
  6. yea ... i found it ... ill update my sites now to obtain this function. thanks.
  7. Hi, we would like to have a features like setting a specific backup job dated on specific date to not to overwrite or for specific reason for long term retention. or is there any other way then using retention in the existing NBR? regards, leezy
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