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  1. Thank you. Will there be a QNAP package for version 10 for RTM, or later in the beta stage?
  2. Thanks. I don't see the QNAP app there, only the Windows installer, Linux Installer, VMware Appliance and Nutanix Appliance.
  3. Also, I can't seem to deploy the appliance via the vCenter 7 UI, I have to deploy it via the host UI. I've tried both to a cluster (running DRS) and to an individual host. It just says 'fatal error' when validating the compute resource.
  4. I believe that the NFR license currently restricts to two CPU sockets. I intend to run Nakivo in my homelab however I have multiple nested VM hosts so I can't really test it out properly. Would it be possible to increase the number of sockets, or perhaps introduce an instance count?
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