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  1. Hi all, I installed Nakivo in FMCSPC. However, when i want to backup the machine itself by adding it to the inventory, this warning message where physical machine agent cannot be installed on X machine. The machine contains a transporter occured. I googled: https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/KB/Physical+Machine+Agent+Installation+Failed Solution To solve the problem, take the following actions: For Windows physical servers Uninstall the Transporter that has been previously installed on the Windows machine by running the corresponding uninstaller accessed from Programs and Features on the Windows OS. Add the Windows physical server to the product inventory again. I have backup my other computers in repositories using the onboard tranporter (FMCSPC). (1) Will the other backup files be corrupted if I deleted the onboard transporter to backup the FMCSPC machine itself? (2) How do i uninstall the transporter in programs and features? i only saw newly added software Nakivo backup & replication and microsoft visual c++ 2013 redistributable (x64) in the control panel.
  2. Hi, Has NAKIVO support the features of Recovery from Physical to Physical now?
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