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  1. I was excited to see this announcement. I've been waiting for Nakivo to support Wasabi Cloud in the Canadian region. However, once I followed the directions to apply the update. I get an error showing me that my DSM is too new to install the package. How can this be, when you just released this version of Nakivo? Did you just build a release that doesn't support the latest version of DSM for Synology? However, V10.5x is fine to run on this version of DSM??? See attached screenshots for my DSM version, the Nakivo version currently installed and the error message I'm receiving. Confused.
  2. Sounds good, thanks for the quick response. It will be really beneficial for us Canucks to be able to use the Canadian region for Wasabi cloud storage.
  3. I see that Wasabi just announced GA of the Canada Region for Buckets. When I add Wasabi as a cloud repo, I don't have the option to use Canada. Q: When does Nakivo plan to add the new CA region for Canada to your Backup and Replication product?
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