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  1. Now Defender is pretty good. From what I've heard, it has improved a lot lately. But we are still using additional ransomware protection software.
  2. @orlando Well, you can make some use of it. But to be honest, the built-in backup features are veryyyyy basic. I am concerned the most about compliance requirements. Microsoft 365 alone can barely cover someone's needs. We use an additional backup solution to avoid any legal troubles. It is the last thing I would want to deal with.
  3. @Official Moderator @Lu.tai Thanks! I will now check it all.
  4. Hi, guys! Did some of you pass VCP-DCV certification for vSphere 7? If so, please share how you get ready. What are the best resources?
  5. Hello everyone! I installed VirtualBox on a Windows machine, but it doesn't work. I get the following error VT-x is not available (VER_VMX_NO_VMX). E_FAIL (0x80004005). I think that maybe it is because of the Hyper-V I have deployed. However, it wasn't running when I tried to start the VirtualBox VM. What is wrong? Any ideas?
  6. Does the File Recovery feature support Ubuntu file partitions?
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