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  1. Hi, at the moment I can't recreate the "bug" and don't want to try. If the error occurs again, I will contact you again. Kind regards, Jens
  2. Hi, thank you very much for the information. It is unfortunate that it is not possible in our version But thanks anyway for the quick reply. Kind regards, Jens
  3. Hi, I deleted the restore job because I "experimented" with the jobs But I believe that I did the restore in "Production mode". So the same vc.uuid was used in the vmx file and the backup found the wrong VM (Murphy says hello: ). I think the "Recovery mode" was the reason. Kind regards, Jens
  4. Hi, I have a script which ejects the medium after the job (via "post job script") and sends e-mails to employees to replace the medium. But this is also called if there was an error during the Job (failed run). (On failure the execution of the scrip should be stopped) How can I control the script so that it is only called if the job is executed successfully? Can I somehow run a script only as a job? Then I could start this as a following job if the main-job was successful ("Run this job After successful runs"). Or is there another way to control the execution of the scrips? Kind Regards Jens System: Synology DS920+, NAKIVO 10.2.0 (build 53298 from 31 Mar 2021); Tandberg RDX USB 3.0
  5. Hello, the following initial situation: - vmware ESXi 6.5 with 2 running VMs ( we'll call them VM01 and VM02 here) - Restoring a VM (VM02) from the old backup (ghetto-VCB) and rename it to VM02r This means that there are now 3 VMs on the host system - VM01 (running) - VM02 (running) - VM02r (still switched off) The backup job that is still scheduled for the backup of the VM02 has now not backed up the VM02, but the VM02r. I haven't changed anything in the job. In the NAKIVO inventory of the ESXi host, only VM01 and VM02r can now be seen (see NAKIVO-pictures). The VM02 is no longer in the inventory and can therefore no longer be selected for a backup. What can be the reason for this phenomenon? How do I get back to the VM02 without deleting the VM02r from the host? Thx for Help Jens
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