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  1. ok, i deployed the transpoters but i see no change.. Nakivo is installed locally on a storage1, that provides datastore via NFS to the 2 esxi hosts i also have another storage2 that provides datastore via NFS to the 2 esxi hosts, but for this test, im not using it. I have VMs on esxi1, with datastore1, and when i backup them, they go at very low speed, and use the network all nakivo has to do is copy the snapshots locally, as the datastore and nakivo are the same server.. what am i missing?
  2. Alright, let me explain my scenario I have a couple of Esxi hosts with 6 VMs on each I have 2 NFS Linux Storages ( storage1 an storage2) and nakivo running in one of those storages (storage2) locally Right now, if I want to backup a VM, it goes something like this: VMs get snapshotted, and new files are created on their respective storages Nakivo starts copying the files to the repository, BUT, its goes like this storage1 -> esxi host -> nakivo repository (storage2) storage2 -> esxi host -> nakivo repository (storage2) Instead of going directly like this storage1 -> nakivo repository storage2 -> local nakivo repository (without using the network at all) So, right now, nakivo is creating backups at around 50-60MB/sec but they are using all the bandwidth available on the esxi hosts, completely wrecking their performnce while backups are running. wouldn't make sense for nakivo to pull the snapshot files directly from the esxi storages? is that posible? maybe adding the storages directly on the nakivo admin panel and indicating were each VM is stored?
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