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  1. Thank you for your reply. This has worked well for us. Appreciated
  2. We have been using a Backup Copy job for a while to copy our primary backup repository to a secondary storage server with more space. We would now like to switch the current VMWare backup job to use the copy target instead. Currently we run our backup jobs in sequence, starting each job as a follow on from the previous. So this should mean that the Repository Copy is current each day after the jobs have all completed. What is the best way to change the target repository for our backup jobs? I cannot find anything in the doco or forum which suggests a method to do this. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi We are using the QNAP Transporter to work with our Nakivo Backup Appliance. After upgrading our Appliance we can no longer connect to the QNAP Transporters and we get told that the Transporter is out of date. The latest version for Qnap is 10.5.
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