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  1. @Loki Rodriguez, it all depends on your requirements. What are your priorities?
  2. I try to create a VM in vCentre, but I get this error "Virtual machine creation may fail because the agent is unable to retrieve VM creation options from the host." What can I do? Any idea?
  3. @Official Moderator, I finally found what I've been looking for. Thank you!
  4. @Garry.web, No, unfortunately not. I didn't know that they will be moved somewhere so fast.
  5. @Loki Rodriguez, My main principle is to ensure the complete monitoring of all the systems: hardware monitoring, network monitoring, security monitoring, critical activity monitoring, application monitoring and uptime monitoring. And then, there are multiple good tools to keep track of each parameter.
  6. Guys, I can't find old emails (a couple of months old) in Outlook. Can they still be somewhere, or did they disappear forever?
  7. Where do i find job history?
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