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  1. Hello, I am looking at the full backup. To make sure i understand correctly ; The bacukp stored are using a proprietary format ? I don't see the vmdk of the VMs but a raw file instead. Does it means that they only be used/exported using Nakivo and not copy/paste directly ? Thanks
  2. Hi , Sure no issue with that. Let me know if the want to get specific outputs/debug data before the meeting. It could be almost everyday as it will not take too much time i think. Can we go in MP/Mail for more details about the remote session ? Thank you
  3. @Official Moderator ; Thanks for your answer.
  4. It seems that i can 't edit again my post. Update : I have mounted the NFS folder directly using the CLI on the Nakivo VM to validate ; nkvuser@va:~$ sudo mount /mnt/test/ nkvuser@va:~$ sudo ls /mnt/test/ NakivoBackup nkvuser@va:~$ sudo touch /mnt/test/MNT_CLI nkvuser@va:~$ sudo ls /mnt/test/ MNT_CLI NakivoBackup I don't understand why it is not working from the WEBUI. By the way, it seems that the Nakivo folder is created while trying to create the repository.
  5. Hi folks, I am a new user of your product, i was looking for a backup solution and this one seems to very interesting. I am testing with : - NFS mount - CIFS mount - Proxmox server - ESXI 7/8 servers I am able to add the CIFS mount without issue but am not able to add the NFS mount on Nakivo VM. This mount is working on the proxmox server using NFS V4, also working on my ESXI using NFS V4, i did a new NFS share using NFS V3, this is also working on Proxmox/ESXI from the same IP subnet, etc. (no Firewall etc.) NFS Mount configured in the UI is ; (everything else is by default) Here is the GUI error message : While looking in the logs in ssh (from your docs) ; Feb 17 19:19:47 va kernel: [ 114.966395] FS-Cache: Netfs 'nfs' registered for caching Feb 17 19:19:47 va kernel: [ 114.967732] nfs: Deprecated parameter 'intr' Feb 17 19:19:47 va kernel: [ 115.062931] NFS: Registering the id_resolver key type Feb 17 19:19:47 va kernel: [ 115.062939] Key type id_resolver registered Feb 17 19:19:47 va kernel: [ 115.062940] Key type id_legacy registered Feb 17 19:19:47 va kernel: [ 115.077351] nfs: Deprecated parameter 'intr' Feb 17 19:20:02 va systemd[1]: opt-nakivo-transporter-bh\x2dmount-effea7a1\x2d4377\x2d42a4\x2db1f7\x2d4ab34c2221e4.mount: Deactivated successfully. Do you have an idea about what is wrong on the VM ? Thank you.
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