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  1. Well yesterday we decided since we had a recent replication to our offsite backup that we would just scrap the whole VM backup repository and start over. I re-did all of our jobs and schedules and started doing backups and all day yesterday every backup was successful. My overnight backups failed, the error is that the repository is corrupt. The one that I just made yesterday. All of my drives are healthy in my NAS. I only see one common denominator here.
  2. Greetings all. My Nakivo setup has worked just fine for many months and housed many backups going back 6 months or more. Currently backing up about 15 VM's and 1 file server. My backups started failing about a week ago. I was wondering if there was an error log somewhere I could look through to find the cause, and if so, which error log file and what I should look for. Thanks.
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