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  1. @Garry.web I guess it is always worth a try in life, but in business, if you are satisfied with M365, why would you get into the drama of transferring all the data and work process to Google? Makes no sense.
  2. Hi, folks! What is the best way to secure Microsoft 365 environment? And how can I monitor the security situation?
  3. @Official Moderator, I didn't know about it. Thank you for such a detailed blog post!
  4. @Will.dr, I guess just the graphic interface of Outlook Online.
  5. Hi! What is the easiest way to import contacts to Outlook 365?
  6. @Garry.web, use backup solutions but take care with cloud-based options and automated synchronization. If you have multiple copies, at least the data will be safe when something happens. Plus, talk to your team so that they take care regarding phishing emails, opening suspicious attachments, etc.
  7. Is there any way to connect a USB device to VMware?
  8. @Official ModeratorEverything works now. Had multiple versions installed. Thank you bunch!
  9. @Michael.du Checked it but still doesn't work. Thank you though!
  10. Hey! For some reason, I can't activate my Office 365. It keeps displaying PRODUCT DEACTIVATED. Does someone know what to do?
  11. Is there something special I need to do to use Amazon EBS when adding a backup repo? It's currently greyed out for me.
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