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  1. @Official Moderator Nice tips. One more from me - use two-factor verification. It is a must
  2. @Official Moderator I couldn't even imagine that it was so easy. Thanks!
  3. @Cian Joyce, hey! We primarily take into account the optimal performance of your network, ease of maintenance, scalability options and, of course, the network building costs. I guess the best strategy is to define your priorities and then check what types of networks fit the best.
  4. @Tayler Odling, I've been trying various configurations, and I got different errors, like BSOD with SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION or VT-x is not available. I am pretty sure it is because of the Hyper-V installed.
  5. Ok. I am a bit lost. I had Hyper-V installed on Windows 10, now I want to switch to VirtualBox on the same machine but always get some errors. I think what's causing them is the hyper-V I have installed. But now, I'm not sure how to uninstall it. Did someone have a similar experience?
  6. Hey! Can I somehow configure Hyper-V replication with servers in a Workgroup and not connected to an Active Directory domain?
  7. Replication works very slowly after the new version. How can you help?
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