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  1. I got an answer from Support which sparked a realization. I believe I have figured out the problem. The transporter instance size was much smaller than the target EC2 instance. I deployed a new transporter of a size that matched the target instance and kicked off the backup. It is running now and no errors so far, knock wood.
  2. Just to follow up ... I was able to backup a test instance with a 500g attached volume successfully. But the production target server still fails. I transmitted a support bundle to Nakivo using the built in tool. Unpacking the bundle, I found in the events.log an error "NoAppropriateTransporterInAwsRegionAlarm ... There was a problem with the "SelectAndLockTransporters" action ("<hex> <name>" instance). Time spent: 0 seconds. Reason: cannot select transporters." Not sure how it would be different...
  3. Hi Mod, Thanks for the info--just to clarify I did also follow your linked steps previously. Using my Transporter with Automatic settings, I deployed a new test Nano instance with a small (8g) disk into the same VPC as the Real target. That Test target *does* back up (using your EC2 job steps). However another Test Nano with a large (100g) disk fails with an error. I transmitted a support request, but haven't seen a reply yet. The Real target instance has a 500g data volume mounted to it, so I'm very interested in knowing if size is a limiting factor. My next trials will be to add a volume to my Test instance and see if there's some point where I can't fetch it.
  4. Hi everyone, Has anyone successfully implemented Backup from AMS/EC2? I'm not having much luck. I have a local VMware Nakivo Director appliance targeting an Ubuntu EC2 instance for Backup. I followed these steps: https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/NH/Deploying+Transporters+in+Amazon+EC2 When I let the transporter deploy with Automatic settings, I get a new Nakivo VPC which my local Director can reach, but it cannot initiate a backup (I get an error message). However when I create the transporter Manually, the deployment fails partway through with an error that the transporter can't be reached. Since the automatically deployed Transporter was at least reachable from my Director, I've focused on trying to get that working, but I've not had real success. With the separate Nakivo VPC, I tried setting up a VPC Peer and adjusting my routing tables. I can get the AWS Transporter to ping my target EC2 box, but I don't know what else is needed. Has anyone had success with this kind of setup? Essentially...what is "X" below? [VMware Director appliance] ====> (internet) ==== (Nakivo VPC [Nakivo Txport])...X...(Target VPC [target EC2 Ubuntu]) Any help is greatly appreciated! --Mike
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