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  1. I got an answer from Support which sparked a realization. I believe I have figured out the problem. The transporter instance size was much smaller than the target EC2 instance. I deployed a new transporter of a size that matched the target instance and kicked off the backup. It is running now and no errors so far, knock wood.
  2. Just to follow up ... I was able to backup a test instance with a 500g attached volume successfully. But the production target server still fails. I transmitted a support bundle to Nakivo using the built in tool. Unpacking the bundle, I found in the events.log an error "NoAppropriateTransporterInAwsRegionAlarm ... There was a problem with the "SelectAndLockTransporters" action ("<hex> <name>" instance). Time spent: 0 seconds. Reason: cannot select transporters." Not sure how it would be different...
  3. Hi Mod, Thanks for the info--just to clarify I did also follow your linked steps previously. Using my Transporter with Automatic settings, I deployed a new test Nano instance with a small (8g) disk into the same VPC as the Real target. That Test target *does* back up (using your EC2 job steps). However another Test Nano with a large (100g) disk fails with an error. I transmitted a support request, but haven't seen a reply yet. The Real target instance has a 500g data volume mounted to it, so I'm very interested in knowing if size is a limiting factor. My next trials will be to
  4. Hi everyone, Has anyone successfully implemented Backup from AMS/EC2? I'm not having much luck. I have a local VMware Nakivo Director appliance targeting an Ubuntu EC2 instance for Backup. I followed these steps: https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/NH/Deploying+Transporters+in+Amazon+EC2 When I let the transporter deploy with Automatic settings, I get a new Nakivo VPC which my local Director can reach, but it cannot initiate a backup (I get an error message). However when I create the transporter Manually, the deployment fails partway through with an error that the transport
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