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    Copy2tape slow

    Official reply from support : "All read/write operations to tape work with the switch off cache to guarantee that data will not be lost. That approach makes the read-write operation is slower than usual. You can try to change the tape block size to find more optimal for high speed." Should I say something else, or are you kidding me? If this is true , Nakivo is ruining every tapedrive over time, becaus everyone knows , that shoe-shining is bad for tape drives One example of the speed, while copying to tape: ( This is not an exeption): Over about 10 minutes there is written few to tape: Meanwhile, there is almost no load on local disc-storage
  2. Hello everyone Anyone here who successfully uses Backup 2 Tape? For months we have had the problem that the Backup2 tape job takes far too long. (About 200 VM, about 10 TB of data). We need about 30 hours, which is about 100 MB / s on average. The tape drive is capable of 300 MB / s natively The support could not help so far. It's not the hardware I can copy the data from one repository to another within the storage at a constant rate of over 200 MB / s. (Windows Server 2019, 64GB, 8 * Raid 10 SAS Drives) Nakivo also uses herer several "threats" in parallel. When copying to tape, only one "thread" is used (which is also logical, the tape can only work sequentially). Why Nakivo does not write anything on tape for several minutes, however, is incomprehensible. (regardless of whether it is copied from the deduplicated or undeduplicated repository). The tape drive is connected to its own SAS controller and has been proven to achieve this speed. Nakivo is otherwise a great program, but unfortunately almost useless for us with a tape drive. If there is someone here who is successfully using it in a similar configuration, I would be grateful for help
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