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  1. On 12/10/2020 at 4:28 AM, Official Moderator said:

    Is there a time frame for integration with Proxmox or KVM in general? Early 2021? I am very interested in this as well as we will be migrating to KVM in Q1 2021.



    Hello, @Bubbles

    At the moment, NAKIVO supports only the following bare metal hypervisors:

    -VMware ESXi;
    -Microsoft Hyper-V;
    -Nutanix AHV;

    Other supported platforms may be found here:

    Proxmox, KVM and other hypervisors that are currently not supported are in NAKIVO logs and will be added in future releases. We are constantly working to improve our software solution and your posts help us to understand your needs better. Thank you.



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