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Registration Terms

NAKIVO Community Forums – Terms of Use

The NAKIVO Community Forum is an online community comprised of blogs, discussion forums, document and information sharing about products and services provided by NAKIVO, Inc. (hereinafter, "NAKIVO") and/or topic of virtualization. The Community is hosted by NAKIVO.

By accessing “NAKIVO Community Forums” (hereinafter “we”, “us”, “our”, “NAKIVO Community Forums”, “Community”), you agree to be legally bound by the following Terms of Use. If you do not agree to be legally bound by all of the following terms then please do not access and/or use NAKIVO Community Forums. NAKIVO reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate the Community and/or these Terms of Use from time to time at its sole discretion and without notice. NAKIVO reserves the right to refuse access to the Community to anyone, at any time, without notice, and for any reason. The Community is provided on an AS IS and AS AVAILABLE basis. NAKIVO will not be liable to you or any third party for any claims or actions arising or resulting from your use, visit, or participation in the Community and for any modification, suspension, or termination of the Community, or termination of your access to the Community.


1. Registration

You must be at least eighteen (18) years old or the age of majority in your jurisdiction to use and participate in the NAKIVO Community Forums. If you wish to have a Community account, you must provide current, accurate, and complete information about yourself during the account registration process. By joining the Community, you expressly agree to be bound by these Terms of Use as entered into by and between NAKIVO and you. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Community password and account, and assume all liabilities and responsibilities for any and all activities that occur under your account. You must maintain and promptly update any account information provided to NAKIVO in order to keep such information up to date, accurate and complete. NAKIVO does not require that you provide personal information, the decision to provide personal information is voluntary. However, in order to register for an account with the Community, you must provide personal information. By providing your personal information to NAKIVO, you consent to the collection, processing and storage by NAKIVO of your personal information in accordance with the terms of NAKIVO’s Privacy Policy https://www.nakivo.com/support/privacy-policy/

Members of the NAKIVO Community Forums may have only one account on the forum, as there is no need to have more than one. Please do not use your email address as a member’s display name. This way you may protect yourself from spam bots who are hunting for your contact information and then send you junk emails. 

2. Conduct

You must abide by the following rules of conduct:

a. Do not engage in any unlawful conduct in the Community. In particular, do not post, publish, or distribute any defamatory, obscene, racist, abusive, discriminatory, infringing or other unlawful material or information in the Community.

b. Treat others in the Community as you would expect them to treat you. Do not engage in personal attacks or any type of "flaming" of other users. Do not "troll," i.e., post topics or opinions that are designed to provoke a negative response from one or more specific users. Your opinion may differ with that of other Community members or Community staff. You have an opportunity to discuss it by explaining your point of view in a professional and respectful manner.

c. Do not use offensive language. You are not permitted to attack, humiliate or revile the Community members if they have an opposite point of view or do not agree with your statements. If you have any doubts about whether a particular statement might be considered offensive by other users, do not post it. 

d. Do not engage in disruptive activity in the Community, such as persistent off-topic contributions or comments, or statements that might incite other users to violate these guidelines or participate in illegal activities. Do not ask members to send you personal information. Your account will be immediately banned.

e. Do not contribute content that contains photos, software or other material protected by intellectual property laws, rights of privacy or publicity, or any other applicable law unless you own or have rights to these materials.

f. Do not post any instructions, software or other materials that would allow participants or third parties to harm other users' computers or to inappropriately access software or websites.

g. Do not post any computer programs that contain destructive features, such as viruses, worms or Trojan horses. Do not employ any type of bots for the use of scrolling, showing multiple screens, or other activities that might disrupt online communication.

h. Do not falsely impersonate any other person in the forum, including NAKIVO employees, agents or contractors.

i. Do not use the Community to spam other users, including sending identical and irrelevant submissions to many different discussion groups, mailing lists or communities.

j. Do not misrepresent the source of anything you contribute.

k. Do not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any portion of the NAKIVO websites.

l. While you may use the Community to provide supplemental information about your own business that might be of interest to other users (without spamming them), do not rely on the Community as the primary mechanism for operating or promoting your business. Any use of the Community for commercial purposes is solely at your own risk. Do not spam users and/or members of the Community with links to your site or product, or try to self-promote your website, business or forums etc. NAKIVO reserves the right to immediately ban your account and all your contributions to the Community in case of advertising spam from your account.

m. Any space provided to you in the Community is for your own personal use, and may not be sold, licensed, exchanged or bartered for any purpose, including advertisements.

n. You are responsible and liable for all your activities while participating in the Community, including anything you contribute.

o. Do not rely on the Community for the safe or secure storage of any materials, such as photos, documents and software. The Community is not designed as the primary place to store any of these materials, and NAKIVO is not responsible for the alteration, deletion or loss of any stored items. Create back-ups for any materials that you contribute to the Community.

p. NAKIVO reserves the right to remove at any time, without notice, any contribution that violates these guidelines. NAKIVO also reserves the right at any time, without notice, to ban a user who has violated these rules of conduct from any sub-community or all Community forums.

q. Some participants may post Internet website links in the Community forum. NAKIVO reminds you that some content and links on the Internet contain inappropriate material, such as malware or adult content that is not suitable for children or may be offensive to some users. Please note that all posts containing links are reviewed by the Community moderator (the post containing a link will be invisible to the Community until it is checked by the Community stuff) and only relevant links will be posted. Inappropriate links will be deleted.

r. You are responsible for any actions you may take based on information or advice you receive while online. Use your own good judgment when evaluating information provided through the Community or any other communication service. The decision to share information or conduct transactions with anyone is your own; therefore conduct your own research prior to making any decisions.


3. Contributions

There are opportunities for you as a user of the Community to actively participate by creating, providing, sharing and uploading information to the Community such as comments, ideas or suggestions, data, articles, documents, discussion forum threads, blog entries, computer code, such as software sample code, source code, scripts, patches, bug fixes, binaries or executables, or other information (collectively "Contributions"). Contributions in the Community are subject to these Terms of Use. NAKIVO assumes no responsibility or liability over the sharing of Contributions among users.

Any Contributions provided by you to the Community may be editable and freely used by NAKIVO and other users. Ways in which your Contributions may be used include, but are not limited to, creating comments, articles, documents, FAQs or knowledge bases. NAKIVO shall have the right to retain and use Contributions, in edited or unedited form, for any purpose in any way including but not limited to re-posting such Contributions to other areas of the Community, by using Contributions in current or future products or services, or even giving or selling your Contributions to others. Therefore, do not upload Contributions to the Community unless you agree to these Terms of Use. NAKIVO is under no obligation to post or use any Contributions provided by users and NAKIVO may in fact remove any Contributions at any time at its sole discretion for any reasons or for no reasons.

NAKIVO does not claim ownership of any Contributions that you or other users post, upload, submit or otherwise provide to the Community. However you hereby grant NAKIVO a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable license under all your Intellectual Property Rights, including (A) a copyright license to use, reproduce, prepare derivative works of, publicly display, publicly perform, sublicense, and distribute such Contributions and derivative works as well as (B) a patent license to make, have made, use, offer to sell, sell, import, export, and otherwise transfer or sublicense such Contributions.


Collective Work of Contributions: A Collective Work of Contributions is a compilation of Contributions into a single website or publication. NAKIVO asserts copyright ownership in any Collective Work of Contributions, and such compilations, when published for commercial or non-commercial purpose not by NAKIVO, may violate NAKIVO's rights in such a collective work.

In order to grant NAKIVO and other users of the Community the rights, permissions and licenses contained herein, you represent and warrant that you either own or have all the necessary intellectual property rights in the Contributions uploaded or shared to the Community and that your Contributions are non-infringing on the patent, copyright or other intellectual property rights of others. Do not post, upload, submit or otherwise provide Contributions to the Community that are protected by the intellectual property rights of others, unless you own or have the necessary rights or licenses to use such Contributions, and such rights or licenses do not otherwise conflict with your ability to submit, upload or otherwise provide such Contributions.

For the academic sub-community, Contributions consisting of previously published academic papers and courseware have additional terms governing their use, such as limiting their use to only non-commercial, educational and research purposes. Such additional terms governing the use of the academic papers and courseware shall control and you shall be responsible for abiding by those additional terms.

By uploading Contributions to the Community, you represent and warrant that you are not uploading viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other malicious, illegal, or unlawful code which is designed to interrupt, destroy, or limit the functionality of any software or hardware. All Contributions available for download and/or use are provided on an AS IS and AS AVAILABLE basis, without any warranty of any kind and you assume all risks associated with the Contributions that you download. 

All Contributions are deemed be provided on a non-confidential basis. NAKIVO is under no obligation to and does not control the Contributions created, provided or uploaded to the Community. The nature of some Contributions may be offensive, harmful or inaccurate, and in some cases will be mislabeled or deceptively labeled. NAKIVO reserves the right to take down and remove Contributions that are flagged by users or deemed by NAKIVO as objectionable. However NAKIVO is under no duty to take down or remove any Contributions. 

If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms of Use or their enforcement, please email our community manager allie.golydbina@nakivo.com.

Thank you for joining NAKIVO Community Forums. Enjoy your time here.

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