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Do we need to upgrade all Transporters at same time as director?


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We have a Synology NAS as our Director, which is also a Transporter, and has a Repository onboard.

We have a second Synology NAS that is offsite and accessed via a WAN. This second NAS has the Transporter role installed and is also a Repository. It is used as the target for a Backup Copy job. 

When I upgrade our Director from NAKIVO V 8.5 up to V 9.1, I understand that it will automatically update all of the Transporters that it can see. Unfortunately it cannot see the Offsite transporter.

Are we likely to run into issues with the Backup Copy job if the sending Director/Transporter/Repository is running a newer version than the receiving Transporter/Repository?

Thanks in advance.

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You are right, director could work with newer version of transporter, but cannot work with older version. We recommend to run update with the following steps:
1. Update manually remote transporters
- NAS transporters
- Linux based transporters that are added as "installed service"
- manually installed and added Windows based transporters
In this case there will not be any downtime, as director will be able to work with newer version of transporter.
2. Update Director. In this case all remaining transporters will be updated automatically:
- Hyper-V transporters
- physical transporters
- Linux based transporters that are added as Virtual Appliance
- AWS transporters

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