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How to set up Microsoft 365 Backup Policies? Any tips or suggestions?

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17 minutes ago, tommy.cash said:

Please explain the ultimate backup policy for Microsoft 365. It is a University account. Any tips or insights will be helpful. Thank you

Hello, @tommy.cash, thank you for your post. Here is the list of the possible questions you should ask yourself before creating the Backup Policy of your University:

1) Frequency of system/application backups. 2) Frequency of network file backups. 3) Frequency of email backups. 4) Frequency of desktop backups. 5) Storage. 6) Recovery Testing.

About Microsoft 365 Backup Policies - there are inbuilt configuration options in your account which can help to prevent data loss. Due to Microsoft's Shared Responsibility Model, it is necessary also to have a backup of your Microsoft 365 data, using a third-party solution as NAKIVO Backup & Replication.

Please, check a useful how-to guide on setting up Microsoft 365 backup policies: https://www.nakivo.com/blog/setting-up-microsoft-office-365-backup-policies/

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Just now, Garry.web said:

Here is one more advice from me - think about where to write the backups, the degree of redundancy, data retention practices and of course, as official moderator mentioned, backup frequency is the most important point for me.

@Garry.web Thank you for suggesting insightful hints, which will be useful for our community.

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