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nakivo 10.8.0 in synology dsm 7


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3 hours ago, octek0815 said:


how can i install nakivo 10.8.0 in synology dsm 7?
Need Full Support for ESXi 8

thank you

@octek0815 Thank you for your post. NAKIVO 10.8 is still unavailable at the Synology package center, and we have no ETA since we are awaiting approval from their end.

However, the installation may be available for certain devices via SSH; please write to support@nakivo.com and provide us with the following information from the version/model of your NAS (a screenshot as attached may be useful).

Also, please let us know if you have a previous NAKIVO version installed on this NAS and its version. Thank you so much for your attention and participation. Best regards


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On 2/20/2023 at 8:30 AM, octek0815 said:


thank you for your quick reply. Well actually I only need a working 10.8 Transporter for the following devices...

The latest available transporter from synology package center ist installed.

Best Regards,





Hello @octek0815,

Thank you for your post. Here is a step-by-step guide for you:

1. Install the NBR version 10.7.1 via Synology AppCenter.

2. Stop NAKIVO services: Package center -- Installed -- NAKIVO -- Action -- Stop

3. Using an admin account, connect to Synology via SSH (Putty).

4. Get root privileges running the following command:
sudo -i
enter your admin password when prompted.

5. Go to /volume1 folder:
cd /volume1

6. Download the newest NBR version installation script for Synology NAS:

wget -O updater.sh https://d96i82q710b04.cloudfront.net/res/product/DSM7/NAKIVO_Backup_Replication_v10.8.0.71845_Updater_Synology_x86_64.sh


curl -o updater.sh https://d96i82q710b04.cloudfront.net/res/product/DSM7/NAKIVO_Backup_Replication_v10.8.0.71845_Updater_Synology_x86_64.sh

7. Run the following commands to replace the existing NBR director with the newest version:
chmod +x updater.sh

8. Start NAKIVO services if needed: Package center -- Installed -- NAKIVO -- Action -- Start

I hope this will resolve your issue. I am looking forward to hearing from you. 

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19 hours ago, moelli said:


is there an updated URL for the updater script? The Url above brings a 404.

Thanks and BR, Ilja

Please find the updaters here according to the CPU: x86_64 -

https://d96i82q710b04.cloudfront.net/res/product/DSM7/NAKIVO_Backup_Replication_v10.8.0.73174_Updater_Synology_x86_64.sh armv7 - https://d96i82q710b04.cloudfront.net/res/product/DSM7/NAKIVO_Backup_Replication_v10.8.0.73174_Updater_Synology_arm_v7.sh armv8 - https://d96i82q710b04.cloudfront.net/res/product/DSM7/NAKIVO_Backup_Replication_v10.8.0.73174_Updater_Synology_arm_v8.sh

Feel free to let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with, and we will get back to you. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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