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NAKIVO Introduces Agent-Based Data Protection for Proxmox VE ×
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NAKIVO Introduces Agent-Based Data Protection for Proxmox VE

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We’re excited to announce that NAKIVO has expanded the range of supported platforms to include Proxmox VE!

The agent-based backup support for Proxmox VM data features:

•  Full and incremental, image-based backups of Proxmox VM data, applications and operating system
•  Backup copy to remote sites, public clouds, other S3-compatible platforms and tape
•  Full VM data recovery to an identical VM on the same hypervisor using bare metal recovery
•  Instant recovery of files and app objects to the original or a custom location

Download the full-featured Free Trial of NAKIVO Backup & Replication and start protecting your Proxmox VM data today.


WEB-13218 - FB LD Main.png

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18 hours ago, LRAUS said:


Is agentless support coming as well?

Large clusters can't use agent-based backups due to multiple VLANs, etc.

Hello, @LRAUS,

We acknowledge the need for agentless support for Proxmox VE and plan to add this feature to our roadmap after investigation. However, we don't have an ETA yet.

We'd appreciate knowing how important this is for you, so we can prioritize it accordingly. Your input is valuable in shaping our development efforts. Best

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