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[Suggestion] MySQL restore


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Hello, @GrZeCh, thank you for your patience during our investigation. Please try to run File level recovery or Universal object recovery - in this case, you will have full access to the backup VM filesystem. You will be able to restore separate files/folders (including database). Then let us know if it will work for you. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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When it comes to MySQL it is not so simple like it is on MSSQL. On MSSQL you can recover .mdf and .ldf and just attach this DB to any other compatible MSSQL engine. When it comes to MySQL it is not so simple. To recover MySQL DB you will have to access to not only DB dir but also innodb logs, mysql DB (main DB in MySQL engine), performance_schemat DB too.

Investigate it on your end to fully understand whole complexity of this operation. Bottom line just like I said this is not so simple.

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