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Activation problem


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Hello, @Hakim!

There can be multiple issues in this case. Let's do a quick check:

1. Check your subscription name, expiry date, and the version of Microsoft Office installed on your computer. 
2. Check internet connection, router, firewall, and DNS configuration. Make sure that nothing is blocking the network access to Microsoft servers. 
3. Activation issues might also occur if you installed multiple versions of Microsoft Office. Uninstall old versions of Microsoft 365 and try to activate Microsoft Office 365 again. 
4. If your Microsoft Office version doesn't correspond to the version in your subscription plan, uninstall the existing version and install a suitable Microsoft Office version. After this, activate Microsoft 365 suite one more time. Note: you might as well need to remove obsolete Microsoft Office licenses and install a new one.
5. If the problem occurs while activating Microsoft365 Apps, keep in mind that to validate the license, the installed Microsoft 365 applications must connect to Microsoft servers over the internet at least once every 30 days. (If not, these applications are deactivated until they connect to Microsoft licensing servers and the license renews).

Let me know if this worked for you. If you have any other questions left, don't hesitate to contact us!

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