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Multi-Tenant mode has not logic infraestructure

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Hi, we have a IT company services and we like to deploy multitenant-mode in our-service to resell to our clients.

The problems is than we need direct connection from ESXI to multi-tenant director and not all clients has firewall or only allows this connection to our servers.

For us, the correct implementation must be install a "transporter/agenet/whatever" in client side and this software connect to ESXI and then backup to ther local infraestructure or upload to multi-tenant that can configure repository.

With this, the client not need to open ports, configure VPN, etc.  Only install the transporter in ther infraestructure and connecto to our multi-tenant to configure, add repository, restore, etc.


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With current NAKIVO workflow, the director needs access to all ESXi hosts and transporters for correct management.
In case the transporter will be deployed on the customer side, then, yes, all the data will be transferred inside the customer site (without using WAN) ,but the director still will need access to the ESXi host and transporter.
Generally, it is possible to do this in two ways:
- configure port forwarding at customer's firewall;
- configure VPN to customer's site to have full network access.

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