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Synology DSM 7 and Nakivo 10.4 Not Compatible!


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Hi. I updated one of my offsite NAS units to DSM 7 and found out through support that 10.4 does not support it. Now I am left iwth having to do a physical initial seed on a DSM 6 unit or wait for certification on DSM7. They are hoping it will be done this month! Is there anywhere I can find out compatibility matrix with Synology and Nakivo? Very Frustrating.

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HI. Thanks for the advice but I use the target NAS as a repository target with specific protocols open. I do not really want CIFS/NFS setup. It works very well before updating the target NAS to DSM 7. I suppose my only choice is to wait it out. There is too much data on the NAS to try and get it back to 6.2

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Yes this needs to be fixed ASAP. I have tons of apps on the Synology units I manage and they all seem to work with DSM 7. It is not easily possible to go back down to 6. I have tried some reddit suggestions without success. Please get Synology to FIX this!


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A possible (temporary) solution would be to use Virtual Machine Manager in Synology, and install DSM6.x within that, and then install Nakivo there, setting up a repo within DSM7, which nakivo (within DSM 6) can then mount.  When Synology gets around to approve/whatever nakivo, then you can move nakivo to DSM7, utilizing that same repo.

It would be nice to know if Synology approving Nakivo is going to take days, weeks, months... But there is just no way to know.  So who knows if we need to do this workaround or just wait "one more day".

Synology does give you ONE license to use a virtual DSM within VMM.

Go to https://www.synology.com/en-us/support/download/VirtualDSM#system and download the latest 6.x VirtualDSM
Within Virtual Machine Manager, go to Image (on left), then DSM Image (top), then Add, and upload the virtual DSM you just downloaded.
Next, go to Virtual Machine, Create, and for Operating System select "Synology Virtual DSM", etc.. hopefully you can figure out the rest.
Once the virtual DSM is up and running, you can log into it, and go right to package center and download Nakivo.

Good luck!

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Synology approval aside.

We can install .spk packages manually and can register 3rd party software repositories in DSM GUI (no need to use SSH).

Does Nakivo have some beta package for DSM7 to download, or in Synology compatible SW repository, that we can test?

It would be better than just waiting for 3rd party to act.

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If you have a virtual environment (VMware ESXi) you can download the Nakivo ova and create a virtual machine Nakivo server. Then attach the repository using CFS or NFS.

This will give you access to your backup if needed and allow you to create and schedule your backup. It not perfect but @ least you can still backup and restore your VMs.


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Hi, @mcwild!

For the current version of NAKIVO, we don't support DSM v7 yet.

In DSM version 7.0, Synology changed the installation policy, and now it requires additional signs for each application. In other words, unsigned for DSM 7.0 applications can not be installed on it. Now the NAKIVO application is in the final approval stage by Synology. The ETA for the approval totally depends on the Synology side.

As soon as the NAKIVO app will be signed and approved by Synology, NAKIVO installation on DSM 7.0 will be possible. As a temporary workaround, you can make-instance reconfiguration to use the existing repository on the NAS as CIFS or NFS shares. This instance can be temporarily reconfigured to run on other supported platforms.

Let me know if you need any further assistance. 

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May I ask why 10.4 was released without certification from Synology? Seems like that would be something done before letting us upgrade. I don't have the ability for a work around suggested in this thread and am considering moving to a different back up system (a lot of work) as I do not have off site backup for one of my site....

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