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Synology DSM 7 and Nakivo 10.4 Not Compatible!


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2 hours ago, Jason said:


INTEL Atom C2538

Hello @Jason Thank you for your answer.

To update NAKIVO to v10.7.2 on Synology x86_x64 with DSM7+ via SSH console, please check if your NAS is supported (https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/User-Guide/Content/Deployment/System-Requirements/Supported-NAS-Devices/Supported-Synology-NAS-Devices.htm) after that we would recommend you perform the following steps:

1. Please, be sure that NBR version 10.6.1 is installed via Synology AppCenter.

2. Download the newest NBR version installation script for Synology NAS, for example, for the x86_x64 platform (https://d96i82q710b04.cloudfront.net/res/product/DSM7/NAKIVO_Backup_Replication_v10.7.2.69768_Updater_Synology_x86_64.sh)

3. Copy the downloaded file to your Synology somewhere, for example, to /tmp via WinCSP or SSH: cd /tmp && wget https://d96i82q710b04.cloudfront.net/res/product/DSM7/NAKIVO_Backup_Replication_v10.7.2.69768_Updater_Synology_x86_64.sh

4. Stop NAKIVO services: Package center -- Installed -- NAKIVO -- Action -- Stop

5. Connect to Synology via SSH (Putty) using an admin account.

6. Get root privileges running the following command: sudo -i enter your admin password when prompted.

7. Run the following commands to replace the existing NBR director with the newest version: chmod +x NAKIVO_Backup_Replication_v10.7.2.69768_Updater_Synology_x86_64.sh ./NAKIVO_Backup_Replication_v10.7.2.69768_Updater_Synology_x86_64.sh

8. Start NAKIVO services if needed: Package center -- Installed -- NAKIVO -- Action -- Start

If you need help with updating, we can schedule a remote meeting.

We use the GoToMeeting application. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards 👍

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