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Forever incremental discontinued?


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Has forever incremental repository type been discontinued in the latest versions?

I don't see the option when creating a new repository.

I know that forever incremental comes with the annoyance of having to do space reclaims but there is still a use case.

Eg. For doing large backups across a WAN connection. There would be bandwidth issues with doing a weekly full backup across a WAN connection.

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Hi, @Jim!

In a new release (version 10.4), we have updated the UI for the Repository screen. The repository type menu was removed. The "Store backups in separate files" option was added (enabled by default). Backup repositories created in previous versions of the product keep operating in the way they were configured.

Background: Storing backups in separate files is recommended.

  • Downside: it has higher space requirements.
  • Upsides: it is more resilient to network, power, and hardware failures; it does not require running space reclaim; it is suitable for enterprise-grade deduplication storage devices; it supports immutable recovery points.

Solution: If you still want to use the "forever incremental" repository and built-in data deduplication, please uncheck the "Store backups in separate files" checkbox when creating the backup repository.

If you need any further information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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2 hours ago, TonioRoffo said:

But why this change, though?  Is your deduplication storage that prone to errors?  For me, it seems this way of storing data is efficient and a major selling point for Nakivo.

Hello, @TonioRoffo I communicated with our Support Team and they answered the change was made because a lot of our customers highly requested it. Furthermore, the repository with deduplication can be created without any issues. We look forward to hearing from you if you have more questions. Thank you for understanding.

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