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Tape customer enhancement requests


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Starting a thread for customer enhancement requests for the Tape function.

Thank you Nakivo for making a feature to allow a report to be created on the fly under actions and also to add and remove Columns! 
See my screen shot. Now, can we get that as a CSV file?
I would like to just export what I see on the screen in the Tapes grid to CSV, that way I can choose what columns to show and then export it.

I have written my own application for creating Dymo labels for tapes, (I put the label in the clear case, I do not stick it to the tape).
I was going to use the Nakivo API to bring data into my app like I can do with Competitor, but I found it to difficult and I didn't want to upgrade my license to get access to the API, so I dropped that from my app.

If Nakivo will create a way for the tape information to be exported to CSV, then I will publish a public version of my Dymo label software written in vb.net to github for everyone to use free. It will include a feature that will load the labels to print from the CSV export.



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