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Backup Copy Jobs - Retension Policy not working

Pavels Ruhmans

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1. I have Backup Repository on NAS device that is mounted as NFS share. 

2. I have Backup Copy Job with retention policy with 3 last recovery points. 

3. Itselft on a backup repository you can see that VM have 31 points to restore instead of 3 that is setup. 

My problem that all my repositories always full up. 








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@Pavels Ruhmans,

It may depend on the repository type.

In the "Incremental with Full" Repository, the recovery points may be deleted by retention policy only in chains consisting of one full backup and all its increments. Another required condition to delete the "Full+it's increments" chain is that there should be enough recovery points in other "Full+it's increments" chains to fully suit the retention policy.

Thus, for the "Incremental With Full" Repository type, the retention policy shows the minimum number of recovery points that should be present in a backup.

Also, if backups are immutable, they cannot be removed until immutability expires.

Please send our support team a Support Bundle with the main database included so that our engineers can investigate your configuration:


Let me know if have any additional questions.

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