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Microsoft 365 vs Exchange Online

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@darkhorse Hi! We always used Microsoft 365 plans because they have a lot of functionality. Even the cheapest options offer so many different services and apps, while the pricing is much lower than getting it separately. If you are on the budget, check the most affordable plan that includes Exchange Online.

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Everything depends on your needs. But to make it easy and choose between one of the Microsoft 365 suites and a standalone email solution, answer the following questions:

  1. What is the size of your business?  (if you have a small business with a simple structure, Exchange Online might satisfy your needs.) 
  2. How collaborative is your working environment? (If your type of company requires a lot of communication and interactions between the team member, definitely consider one of the Microsoft 365 plans.) 
  3. What is the nature of your business? (If you require data management tools or storage solutions, for instance, Microsoft 365 might be just a perfect fit to help your business in more ways than just offering email hosting.) 
  4. What is your budget? (If you want to keep the cost as low as possible, then Exchange Online alone is cheaper. However, the difference between the most affordable plans is one dollar per user per month.)

If you want to dive deeper into the topic, check this blog post https://www.nakivo.com/blog/exchange-online-vs-microsoft-office-365-for-business-email-hosting/ 

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